Plastic Surgery for Skin Conditions

Every person wishes that they had a body which was free from all sorts of flaw, a body free of every kind of imperfection and blemish. However, skin problems are more prevalent than they appear to be and the problem is that they can often be hard to eliminate. Some have been present right from the beginning on the body while others have emerged over a course of time. Plastic surgery is the best option to ensure that they seem lighter, less visible or considerably improved.

Various Types of Skin Problems

Close-up of female face being measured by plastic surgery doctorRosacea is a skin problem that usually occurs in individuals in the 20-70 age group. Although the cause is unknown till date, it is thought that small blood vessels underlying the skin of the face become enlarged to result in an unsightly red puffiness. This may take a heavy toll on the person’s self esteem.

Social life is hard for people with varicose veins, with limitations on clothing and other spheres. Its symptoms are enlarged and protruding veins, occurring mainly on the legs. Apart from being a cosmetic problem, varicose veins can also be physically painful while standing for long periods.

Wrinkles, which appear with old age, are another source of self-esteem issues. The worst part about them is that they appear both on the face and neck, giving rise to what are popularly called, crow’s feet and double chins.

Treatment Options Available for Skin Problems

Different types of treatment options exist for skin problems. Lasers, the latest addition to the family of corrective techniques, give the quickest and most efficient results. Lasers can be used to regulate bacterial numbers and infections as well as stimulating the skin for faster healing and a beautiful appearance. Laser is also the best and the safest treatment available for varicose veins.

Botox is perhaps the most popular and publicized option for removing fine lines and wrinkles. Its effects have been guaranteed and evidenced by many celebrities over the years. However, with the rapid developments in the field of plastic surgery, other options like Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion are also being offered.

SkinPen is one of the most effective ways, preferred by plastic surgeons, to eliminate minor, but significant, facial scars. Besides clearing up the skin, it also provides a clearer and more refreshed look to the patient.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

mid age woman with correction mark for plastic surgery

Many people still have a negative idea regarding cosmetic surgery in their minds in spite of the developments in the area but there is still a number of reasons as to why many of the plastic surgery operations are considered beneficial. In certain cases, plastic surgery becomes an absolute necessity for the patient. Depending on the specific surgical case that is to be performed or the main motives behind it, it is likely that the patient’s life ahead of them will improve considerably.

Achieving a Different Look via Plastic Surgery

Most patients are looking to have some part of their body removed, altered or added in an attempt to correct a specific irregularity in the physical appearance of their body or a part of their body. Many children have certain inborn defects. However, it is largely possible to correct most of these defects with the aid of cosmetic plastic surgeries. In recent times, the number of parents opting for plastic surgery va to help their children in getting rid of their tissues and scars from accidents in order to boost their self-esteem levels has risen considerably.

Clarifying the Myths and Misconceptions

Even though there is a vast number of people who end up thinking that the procedure of cosmetic surgery is suited only to celebrities or wealthy people with a lot of money to spend on unnecessary surgical procedures, there are many patients who require different categories of corrective surgical procedures in order raise their self-esteem and improve their quality of life. Even though not many have the financial resources necessary to opt for plastic surgery, there are many times when a number of options arise for someone to get funding so that they can be admitted to a program or even apply for a payment plan or loan through the surgeon in charge of the case at the clinic.

Merits of Corrective Plastic Surgery

There are lots of patients who will decide to visit and consult a cosmetic surgeon in an attempt to solve a host of problems such as getting their deviated septum back in place or even correcting their droopy eyelids which obstruct their eyesight. Surgical procedures in rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose jobs, are beneficial for patients who have difficulty breathing due to a blockage in their nasal cavity. This can be extremely helpful for patients who are suffering from the problems of a broken nose or other type of physical trauma to their nasal region. It is possible to improve them due to different health benefits of cosmetic surgeries and the patients will usually end up finding that they will be able to secure coverage from their health insurance policies.

Procedures for Eyelid Surgery

picture of beautiful woman ready for cosmetic surgeryThe proper medical term for an eyelid surgery is Blepharoplasty. It is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery that is opted for nowadays. It involves fixing both the upper and lower lids for a more lively and youthful appearance of the eyes. This is usually the best surgical choice for people with extra or sagging skin, near the region of the eyes, such as those suffering from hooded eyelids. This is also an effective procedure for successfully eliminating bags underneath the eyes and erasing fine lines and wrinkles. Just like every other type of surgery, Blepharoplasty also has its own set of risks and complications. The patient must always ensure a detailed discussion with a qualified doctor to understand the risks and the probability of their emergence. However, when conducted successfully, the results appear as soon as the scars fade to reveal younger looking skin near the region of the eyes.

Procedure Used in Surgery

Eyelid correction surgery includes a number of systematic steps and procedures to guarantee successful results. The patient should be completely familiar with the steps to be undertaken during the surgery to fully understand what his or her body will be going through when in surgery. Hence, added emphasis is placed on elaborate consultations with a qualified expert and in-depth research and analysis, prior to surgery.

First and foremost, the patient is administered a dosage of anesthetics that is suited to his or her specific requirements. According to the recommendations of the aesthetician handling the procedure, anesthesia can be carried out through IV sedation or general anesthesia. The next step is the making the incisions. In most cases of Blepharoplasty, involving upper eyelids, incisions are made into the gradual crease of the eyelid. This particular pattern of incision results in scars that are way less prominent due to the nature of the skin in the surgical site.

The main objective of a Blepharoplasty is to remove the excess fat or skin surrounding the eyelid or deposited above it. The skill of the surgeon is highly important in cases like this, where, removing too much skin can result in problems with closing the eye and removal of too little can cause the surgery to prove unsuccessful. Excess fat can also be the reason behind eyelid puffiness. A Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty can easily rectify this condition and also, leave no scars in the process, because in procedures such as this, the incision is made on the interior of the lower eyelid.

The incisions are closed up using delicate, and often dissolvable, sutures. The sutures hold the skin of the eyelids together during recovery to ensure quicker and better healing. Ointments and sterile surgical bandages may also be applied, as advised by the doctor or surgeon. Eyelid surgery is often accompanied with a host of other cosmetic procedures to give the patient an overall satisfaction. These may include face lifts, brow lifts and skin resurfacing procedures, among others.